Saturday, 13 October 2012

Review: Top 3 Face Creams

Okay, I haven't blogged in ageeeees but today after work I was really looking forward to writing up this post. 

Recently I have been  trying out new skincare and updating my routine to suit the cooler autumn weather. One part of my skincare regime that is very important to me is moisturizing facial creams. I think it is very important to keep your face hydrated and nourished and the best way to do this is to find an everyday moisturizer  that suits your skin type best.

I have tried so so many face creams but finally I believe I have discovered my top 3!

Firstly, the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, this for me is the best I have ever tried. This 30ml bottle actually came with the Clinique 3 step skincare treatment set that I brought when on holiday in Zurich. This lotion sinks into the skin beautifully making it easy to quickly apply all over the face. What I like best about this is the difference it makes in the look of my skin. It appears more plump, bright and radiant which for me makes it the ultimate face cream.

Next up is the Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturizer. I actually got this as a sample in a Glamour magazine a few months back. I wasn't expecting to like it as I had never heard of the brand previously (however since I have heard great reviews of the brand!) This has the most amazing smell which is a great plus point, but for me the best thing about this is the calming effect it leaves on your skin. It feels so smooth and hydrated which leaves your skin looking fresh. I recently saw this in my local Waitrose so will be picking it up very soon!

Lastly is the REN T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid. This also came in a skincare set that I brought from Liberty's a little while back. It is most suitable for combination to oily skin which is perfect for me. I love this as it really evens out and balances the moisture in my skin. It also has a very fresh scent which is lovely.

What are your favourite face moisturizers?

Monday, 30 July 2012

Zurich: Day 1

Our first day at Zurich was amazing, the weather was gorgeous (32 degrees!)  so we spent most of our time walking along the lake with ice creams. I can honestly say Switzerland is somewhere I would love to live, life is so much more relaxed and the scenery is lovely. 

Come back tomorrow for Zurich day 2!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Bronzed summer glow

I have been longing for some lovely summer weather and finally the sun has made a satisfying appearance. In the summer, I like soft, glowing, radiant and bronzed makeup. The summer is also the perfect time to try out some new looks, maybe a bright lip but always keep the base of your makeup light as you don't want to look matte and dull. 
This morning I woke up to the sun rays shining through my bedroom window, quite an unusual appearance for us Brits! I love experimenting with new looks for the summer, especially as it is my favourite time of year. I love the sun it always makes me feel so cheery, I think London is lovely in the sun. I have created a glowing, bronzed makeup look on my sister this morning which I love. I used only five products as in the summer I like to look natural. I used the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in ivory lightly over the areas she needed it like her nose to cover any redness and blemishes. I then applied the Body Shop Lightning Touch under eye brightener to highlight the eye area and cover any dark circles. Next I used one of my favourite cream blushes from Topshop in 'Head Over Heels'. This is the most gorgeous bright peachy pink and when applied just on the apples of the cheeks makes you look very flushed and glowing! The most important part of this makeup look was the bronzer as I wanted her to have a healthy glow. I used the NARS Laguna Bronzer which is the best bronzer I have ever tried. Unlike many bronzers it doesn't have too much golden shimmer so it doesn't make you look like a glitter ball in the sun. It is also a very good bronzer to contour with, but for this look I decided just to gently sweep it all over the high points of her face like the forehead, cheeks and nose. It adds a lovely bronze to the face and makes you look more radiant. Lastly, to complete this look I used the Revlon Colourburst lipgloss in Crystal lilac. I brought this as it was recommended by Fleur De Force so obviously I had to get it and add to my ridiculous collection of lip products. This finished the look of perfectly adding just a hint of pink shimmer with  lilac undertones to the lips.
When the sun shines in London, the whole city is transformed, everyone seems happier, the outdoor bistros are crowded with people lunching and any green space is crammed with sun worshipers. For me however, the sun calls for the perfect time to experiment and have fun with makeup.
Hope you are all enjoying this fab weather as much as I am, it has been long awaited.

 Let me know your favourite looks for the summer! Also, check out my sister's blog all about fashion:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Travel essentials

There is something enjoyable about searching out the best travel size products but it definitely helps with Boots having their own isle full of travel sized items. I have always loved going on holiday and luckily I am very well traveled with my first ever holiday abroad being when I was just 6 months old. I think it is the build up of excitement and knowing that you will be leaving behind your everyday tedious routine to enjoy a relaxing holiday that makes me look forward to holidays so much.
As you may already know, I love cosmetics, skincare and all things beauty, so rounding all my products up to only the essentials was not an easy task. Seeing as I am only away for four days I didn't want to over-pack so to help me with this I made a list of all the 'necessities' and then made a special trip to Boots to get these products in the travel sizes (under 100ml).
These are all my essentials that I use everyday, I don't feel I have gone overboard with the amount. I am planning on doing some serious duty free shopping at the airport, this has become almost routine before going on holiday.
The pharmacies in Switzerland are incredible, the range of skincare and beauty products is amazing. Also, they have many brands that we cannot easily find in the UK, as for this I am most definitely saving some Swiss francs for a trip there.
Before I leave I will be posting several more travel posts and when I get back I will upload a day by day diary of photos. Hope you are all okay,   

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

wardrobe essential: shirts

                       From left.. Forever 21,  Zara,  Jack Wills,  Topshop,  Jack Wills,  Zara

I love shirts... I bet you guessed that already. As you can see my collection is building up quite quickly, it seems that every time I go shopping, at least one shirt will catch my eye.  I think that shirts are a great wardrobe essential, you can dress them up and also dress them down. At the moment, I am loving the casual  and effortless look and therefore I have been pairing my shirts mainly tucked into skinny jeans and a jacket on top. 
Shirts come in different fits, colours, materials and designs which means that they are all so different from one and other meaning that you can alter your style of outfit depending on the shirt you choose to wear. 
These are all the shirts I own (minus one that was in the wash!) and I love wearing them as each time I pair them with something different and different accessories to make the outfit different. The best place to buy a good quality, fashionable shirt for me is Jack Wills. The first shirt I ever brought was from there and as I loved it so much, i ended up buying more and more and even more!
Yeh so I love shirts basically but I think I will take a break in buying more for a while, otherwise I may need a separate wardrobe just for shirts.. and that could be kind of strange!

                                                   so what is your wardrobe essential?


Monday, 18 June 2012

Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Finding a perfect foundation is a hard process as matching the perfect shade and best type of foundation for your skin takes a lot of trial and error. I think finding the right foundation for you is the key to any makeup look as you always need a flawless base on which to build upon. This Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation has had some fantastic reviews within the blogging community and I can sure see why!
Since I have been extremely interested in beauty products I have had a vested interest in searching out the perfect foundation. I have read endless reviews on high end and drugstore foundations and found that this has been rated one of the best drugstore foundations and as for this I ran to Boots to pick it up and have a try.

I really enjoy trying out new foundations, I don't really know why but there is something exciting about finding that perfect foundation that works perfectly for you. I picked up this foundation in the shade '001 Ivory' which is the lightest shade. I do find matching up foundations to my skin a challenge as although my skin is very clear it is quite uneven and by this I mean I have red cheeks, a tanned forehead, lots of freckles and pale round the side of my face. For this reason It is difficult to match up the correct colour that blends well into my skin and doesn't look ashy or too orange. 

absolutely love this foundation, It creates a light to medium coverage which is build-able and leaves your skin looking dewy, fresh, radiant and flawless. It claims to have an 'anti-fatigue effect' which I definitely agree with as it makes your face look bright and radiant and this is exactly the effect I am after. Even though this foundation is from a drugstore, it has great staying power and I found that when I applied it at 7am it pretty much lasted throughout the whole day until around 7pm.

I apply this mainly using my fingers, I normally use my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply foundation but I found that this foundation works better by warming  it up between my fingers first and starting from the center of my face gently applying across the whole face. It really leaves your skin looking fresh and dewy which is so lovely, especially in the summer. In addition to this, the packaging is gorgeous which to me is another huge plus point, the glass bottle makes it look expensive and the pump design allows you to easily gather the right amount needed.I really recommend this foundation, its a great cheaper drugstore alternative to some of those higher end expensive foundations. 

What foundations are you loving this summer?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June wishlist

Okay, so this week I have my eye on a few things, as always I have a shopping list that remains in my notebook that seems to grow in length day by day. As my wage packet arrives through the letter box at the end of the month my face beams a happy smile of the thought of some serious retail therapy, after all I deserve it after working 8 hours every weekend right?
Anyway, here are a few bits that I am thinking of purchasing soon. I love Converse and Vans, the effortless and casual cool style they add to any outfit looks brilliant, the white classic converse are perfect!
I am in need of a new pair of jeans, I love skinny jeans as you most probably already know and find them great for casual as well as dressy outfits. I really love these Topshop Leigh fade wash jeans as they are a little different and the washy effect adds a touch of grunge
As I work in Cath Kidtson, my staff discount card is screaming to be used. I love this spot overnight bag as it is perfect for a weekend away and the huge plus point is... look how beautiful it is!
I am forever searching for a perfect peachy gloss that has a touch of gold shimmer in it. This has received brilliant reviews from another you tuber/blogger that I follow and it looks lovely. I think a peach shade looks lovely in the summer
I have a slight obsession with denim at the moment, not too sure where it came from but again I love the casual look of denim jackets and shirts. This one from Topshop is amazing! I absolutely adore the fabric print at the top, it makes it unusual and makes it look more boho which is such a lovely look for a summer evening
Okay, so I am going to unleash my excitement.. I am going to Wireless festival in Hyde Park in July and need to buy an outfit, these khaki shorts with gold studs are just what I am looking for. I am loving kakhi at the moment, it actually suits my skin tone and looks good with my brunette hair.. maybe I should just purchase these before my wage packet arrives?!
Hope you are all having a nice week, this weather is making me depressed, I am a true lover of the sun and it uplifts my mood so much. Lets all cross our fingers that the sun will make a little appearance next week, yes, maybe?